At Prospect Street Consulting, everything we do is geared toward helping salespeople convert more opportunities in front of the client.

We focus on that metric above all others because we believe it to be the tipping point of profitability. The majority of sales and marketing dollars invested by most companies is committed to getting a salesperson in front of a prospect. Profitability, however, hinges on the percentage of those prospects who become clients–and refer other prospects.

What’s different about Prospect Street is that we combine elements from the worlds of strategic planning, marketing and training to get the job done. Specifically, we help business units answer the following questions:

  1. Are your people in front of the right prospects? There is tremendous power in knowing what you do and whom you do it for. Can your people clearly articulate your position in the market so their efforts are highly focused? Are they always calling on people who make or influence the buying decision? (Two thirds of sales calls in America are made on people who do NOT).
  2. Are your prospects predisposed to doing business with you? Is your story engaging and compelling? Does it penetrate and stick? We help you build a story that resonates with target clients.
  3. Do your people have the client skills they need to win the business?
    • Do your salespeople harness the full resources of the firm?
    • Are they great problem solvers?
    • Do they prepare and practice for sales meetings?
    • Have they developed their communication and interpersonal skills – especially in the areas of questioning and listening – so they will instinctively say and do the right things when they are in front of the decision maker?
    • Are sales managers developing and motivating their people to constantly improve their skills and ability?

Coming out of a Prospect Street training program, salespeople will be able to identify target prospects and confidently tell the story that will get them an appointment. They will then understand that to win the business they must turn the table and do a great job of getting the prospects to open up and tell their story. Converting sales opportunities is not about how well we articulate our products and services. It’s about how well we demonstrate to the prospect that we get it – that we understand their situation – better than anyone else in the hunt.

Or training, however, is not just geared toward salespeople and sales teams. We spend at least as much time working with sales managers, sales support, back office and IT to develop the common approach and language that creates the basis for a sales culture.

The research arm of our firm is dedicated to understanding the behavior, desires and motivation of our client’s clients so that our training and consulting will be credible, specific and actionable.

Our current study and white paper is called, “What the C-Level Wants from Investment Bankers.” We have interviewed dozens of CEOs and CFOs from Fortune 500-sized companies around the world to determine what approaches bankers have taken to become trusted resources. We’ve also learned along the way – in rather colorful language – what bankers routinely do that drives top executives crazy.

Our Principals

Hap Cooper

Hap Cooper is the co-founder and President of Prospect Street Consulting, a training, research and consulting firm focused on helping sales organizations become more profitable through improved skills and process.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Hap spent 15 years in a number of sales, sales leadership, marketing and professional development positions with a diverse group of financial service organizations.

Hap was the head of the Private Client Division for Mutual of Omaha’s investment banking subsidiary. Before that, he was part of the management team at J.C. Bradford in Nashville, Tennessee. At both firms, Hap transformed the culture from one organized around product distribution channels to one organized around identifying and meeting the complex needs of target clients.

Hap spent the majority of his career at Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, where he began as an Investment Representative on October 19, 1987 – the day of “The Crash.” After six years in sales, Hap joined the leadership ranks, where he became Director of Marketing and Professional Development. He was a Registered Principal and served on the Securities Industry Association Sales and Marketing Committee.

Before entering the real world, Hap was an Intelligence Officer in the Berlin Brigade during the last gasp of the Cold War and a 1982 graduate of Princeton University.

Hap is a prolific writer, speaker – and now blogger – working extensively in the areas of strategic visioning, consultative selling, leadership, change management and the dynamics of team performance. He has spoken to dozens of industry groups and has served on the faculty of the prestigious Securities Industry Institute at the Wharton School of Business. He teaches Client Coverage Skills for the Executive MBA program at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business and is also a frequent guest lecturer at the Johns Hopkins B-School.

While not working, Hap has performed original music, sold original artwork and run the bulls of Pamplona six times. He was also a batboy for the Baltimore Orioles in their heyday. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, Jennifer, and their three daughters, Rebecca (14), Rachel (10) and Julia (8).

Greg Conderacci

For more than three decades, Greg Conderacci has been using the magic of communication to help people lead happier and more rewarding lives. His work focuses on helping organizations and teams discover and defend their good ground—the fertile market niche where their productivity peaks. He teaches marketing at the Johns Hopkins University Business School and serves on its Business Advisory Board.

In the 1970s, as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Greg covered business in Detroit (mostly the auto companies) and also wrote economics out of Washington, D.C. (mostly Jimmy Carter). In the 1980s, he created and marketed several innovative programs for the poor of Maryland, including the state’s largest soup kitchen (it’s where the Pope eats when he comes to Baltimore).

In the 1990s, Greg was Director of Marketing for Price Waterhouse’s information technology consulting practice in the Philadelphia – Washington region, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prudential’s managed care operations in the Baltimore-Washington area, and Chief Marketing Officer for Alex. Brown (America’s Oldest Investment Bank). Most recently, he was Director of Marketing for Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, responsible for marketing strategy, sales force coaching and training.

He is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, where he was editor-in-chief of The Daily Princetonian; he also holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. A registered representative and registered principal, he is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

For his age, he is a fairly decent instinctive archer and long distance bicycle rider.

John Feeney

Before joining Prospect Street Consulting as the Vice President of Business Development, John was an experienced and accomplished sales leader in the group insurance industry. He specializes in the mentoring, coaching and development of new and experienced sales professionals. In addition to general product and industry training, John has worked with sales teams locally and nationally to perfect their interviewing, discovery, preparation, problem-solving and presentation skills. Today, John develops and implements individual and team coaching programs for sales executives and leaders to improve organizational, management and leadership skills.

John’s career spans more than three decades in the sales and marketing of employee benefits programs for small, mid-size and large organizations. He began his career with The Guardian Life Insurance Company in New York City in 1986 as a Group Sales Consultant. He moved to the Washington DC area in 1993 and continued to develop brokerage relationships and market benefits’ programs in The Mid-Atlantic Region.  He participated in Maryland Health Underwriters and was a member of GWAHU (Greater Washington Area Health Underwriters).

Having been a perennial “Top Gun” producer, John was promoted to Regional Sales Director in 2002 and was responsible for increasing sales to over $35M annually with premium under management of more than $155M. Throughout his career John received numerous awards and designations as a national sales leader.

John grew up in Paterson, New Jersey and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from William Paterson College in 1985. He has competed in numerous half marathons over the last 7 years, and plans to run his first full marathon in 2019.

John has coached youth soccer for 19 seasons and continues to play the game. He served on the Board of Directors at Mary of Nazareth School in Darnestown, Maryland for 6 years. He continues to serve on The Stewardship Council at Our Lady of The Visitation Parish in Darnestown, Maryland. 

John resides in Rockville, Maryland with his wife, Patty. They have four children: Michael (24), Ryan (22), Jenna (20) and Emma (12).

Larry Ledgerwood

“Why do we do what we do?” and “Why don’t we do more of what we know to be effective?” Larry has been pursuing the answer to those two questions for several decades while working with sales organizations to increase their organizational capacity. Which is, in essence, a way to say help sales people sell more. To be at their best.

Larry has 30 plus years of experience in sales organizations including line sales and operations management as well as designing, developing, and delivering training programs.   His more recent focus is on delivering skills development programs including: Consultative Selling, Team Selling, Sales Coaching, Relationship Management, Strategic Account Planning, Meeting Management, Creative Problem Solving, Team Building, and Implementing Change in Sales Organizations. All the while continuing to actively sell as part of his own consulting practice.

His training the last few years has focused beyond the technical skills represented above and now includes incorporating work on developing programs that address what gets in the way of people changing (the second part of his driving question) so that his clients’ investment in training is much more likely to result in sustainable changes in behavior and thus results.

His is driven by learning what makes individuals and organizations more effective in accomplishing their goals. His belief is that true developmental coaching is vastly under used path to that end. “There are very few organizations where people fully support each other’s continued growth and development.” He wants to change that, “one organization at a time.

Larry is a presenter at national training association meetings including the International Society of Performance Improvement (designated as an Encore Presenter) and the NASAGA (North American Simulation and Gaming Association).  He was also selected as a faculty member for the Federal Judicial Center’s Leadership Development Program.

He lives in Walnut Creek with his wife of 30 years and their cats. Their passions are spoiling grandchildren, adventure travel, native plants, photography and sailing. Larry chairs the Training Committee for US Sailing and has taught sailing at OCSC Sailing in Berkeley CA and at the United Sates Naval Academy in Annapolis MD.